Increase in Family Service Help Available

Everybody experiences tragic losses, emotional distress, and difficult conflicts in their lives. When these are totally disabling, help is usually available through the publicly funded acute care medical and mental health services. When these problems are less than severely disabling, help is less available. Family doctors often do not have sufficient time and/or training to provide counseling and therapeutic support. Mental health services are often mandated to provide help, mainly, to severely ill or disturbed patients. Hospitals are rarely funded or equipped to deal with anything but acute care. Child and family services are normally focused on young persons and parenting problems. Services for the elderly are usually directed to medical and supportive
residential care.

Counseling support for adults and couples (who do not fit the above mandates) is, for the most
part, available from private practitioners in psychiatry, psychology or social work, for fees, which
can be prohibitive for low income people, or those without private insurance through their employers. Therefore, these service may not be sufficiently available, accessible, or affordable (at all) in some  communities, like Parry Sound.

So when ordinary people need counseling support due to death of someone close, loss of health, loss of employment, loss of a close relationship, depression, anxiety, conflict with spouse, employer, or neighbour - who do they turn to?

In 2003 Parry Sound Family Services was established, with help from a Trillium Grant, to help meet these needs. Recently they received additional funding from the National Child Benefit (NCB) Reinvestment program. Through these resources, individuals and couples can receive counseling support for a fraction of its normal cost, as little as $5.00 per session, depending on their annual income. Professional counseling can make a real difference in a person's ability to function as an employee, parent, partner, or self-sufficient person.

To find out more, call Parry Sound Family Services at 746-9789. A trained, qualified and experienced clinical professional will call you back within 24 hours.

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